Alliance supports non-federally funded “grassroots” community organizations who are dedicated to positively impacting the lives of local children.

Run by passionate individuals, these organizations tend to lack staff members to conduct formal fundraising initiatives. As such, every contribution, even relatively small contributions, enable these organizations to continue their amazing work.

In focusing on such organizations, Alliance seeks opportunities where our contributions will have a major impact on the receiving organizations. We only donate funds where our contributions will be used for the benefit of the children. The receiving organizations and all prospective beneficiaries are vetted to determine the effect of our contribution to their charitable activities.

As part of our mission to help with funding for these charitable organizations, we provide a specialized service to owners of properties to recover funds held in escrow in which they may not be aware. As part of our title research services, we often discover unclaimed funds held in escrow accounts by government entities. We provide the title research, locate services and legal representation to help the property owners claim these funds. We keep part of the funds recovered after expenses to fund our donations to these very worthwhile children's charities. 

For more information on locating non-profits charities and the financial reports of these charities, go to;