Title Foreclosure Services and More...

Alliance specializes in both residential and commercial foreclosure services in the states of Missouri, Arkansas, Nevada, and Texas. As an outsource vendor for foreclosures in these states, Alliance provides a single point of contact for title services, reports and coordination, trustee services, and property management. 

Non-Judicial Foreclosures - Alliance serves as a single point of contact coordinator for processing foreclosures with legal counsel, trustee services and property preservation services. We can complete all steps of the process on conventional, first and second trust deeds, all-inclusive trust deeds, lien contracts and land sale contracts. Initial requests to start a foreclosure can be faxed or e-mailed, and Alliance can also accept document images. All email or FTP transmissions to/from Alliance can be done via secure (encrypted) methods.

Foreclosure Sales & Bidding - Alliance's sister company, Capital Equity LLC, provides bidding at senior sales in Missouri, Arkansas, Nevada and Texas. Capital Equity will bid at sales for you and comply with your specific instructions. Individual solutions can be tailored to your requirements.

Bankruptcy and Unlawful Detainer - Alliance coordinates with designated counsel for bankruptcy relief and eviction services. Alliance can provide monthly status reports in a number of hard-copy and electronic formats. We can provide status updates of property conditions and occupancy with photographs and reports.

Post-Sale - Alliance can complete after-sale procedures at your request. We advise you of any liens that would affect the marketable title, needed assignments, delinquent property taxes, bankruptcies, delinquencies of prior deeds of trust, Federal and State tax liens, and any other encumbrances, title defects or similar clouds on the title. We also coordinate with local renovation companies and real estate professionals to find the best exit strategy for your asset.

Loss Mitigation - Alliance offers a menu of services associated with the loss mitigation process including forbearance agreements and deeds-in-lieu. We can provide status reporting in a number of formats and intervals and can accept or transmit electronic data associated with these files.