Please enter the information for your bid here. All bids are non binding. You will receive a phone call from our representative a few minutes prior to the listed auction time to confirm your bid is still valid. You may withdraw your bid at any time prior to signing the contract. 

Terms of auction:

At the start time of the auction, you will be called to confirm bid. If you have been outbid, you will be told that information and you may place a higher bid by phone at that time or you may drop out of the bidding.

The winning bidder must sign a contract and deliver a non refundable earnest money deposit of 1% within 24 hours of notification of their winning bid and buyer must have proof of funds acceptable to seller.

All properties sold are "AS IS". 

Closing of title must occur within 30 days of contract date or a penalty of 1% of the selling price will be added to contract.


Licensed realtors-please notate your license information. 


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